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About AR15.co.uk

AR15.co.uk is owned and operated by Matt Greenall.

Matt started shooting as a pre-teen with a BSA Meteor 22 air rifle. From there on he started hunting on the farm with an old Marlin 39 and not a rabbit was safe.

In the late 1980's Matt started competing in Skeet with an old Zoli double trigger 12ga shotgun shooting the English and British Open Championships. Pistols followed and after the ban competing with an AR-style rifle seemed to fill the void.

After reading an article by the late Peter Bloom around 1996/7, Practical Rifle was the discipline that promised to fill the competition void left by the loss of pistols. Travelling all over the country to compete every two or three weeks of the year meant that many life-long friends were made, great stories were told and was good grounding for what was to follow.

By 2000 civilians were allowed to shoot alongside the military in the Imperial Service Rifle Matches, held every summer at Bisley. As a regular Service Rifle shooter Matt made the HRA Metheun Team and helped the team win Gold on the majority of the 'noughties' meetings and also made it on to the GB civilian SR team in the International Service Rifle (SR) Team matches. It was about then that PR morphed into a more SR style and Civilian Service Rifle (CSR) was born.

AR15.co.uk was started by Matt Greenall back in 1999 and traded from a small farm workshop near Stansted, Essex. Initially Matt would offer a rebarrelling service, convert AR style rifles to side charging and working on bolt guns such as the Remington 700. Then he started designing and making his own AR receivers. A move to new premises in Hertfordshire and then helping to build a new indoor shooting range alongside the workshop has meant there is more to offer customers, not least a try-before-you-buy on suitable firearms.

Around 2015 Matt thought shooting as a sport needed a greater exposure and helped set up Skill At Arms to provide shooting experiences to individuals and groups and by doing so introduce many hundreds of people to our wonderful sport.
Many of these new shooters have since taken up the challenge and rewards of joining clubs and getting their own firearms and some now compete in shooting competitions around the country.
For those that don't take it up we like to think we have somewhat demistified the world of target shooting and given many a better understanding of what sensible firearm ownership is all about, how it can be an inclusive sport like no other and the joy and sense of satisfaction that target shooting can bring.