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The Workshop

AR15.co.uk have been making firearms for over 20 years. Started off in a small workshop near Stansted Airport and now has moved to a new workshop in a small indoor range complex run by Skill At Arms Ltd just north of Harlow.
We are so confident in our rifles that not only do we unconditionally guarantee our products and work, we also shoot those we made in competitions and have a host of medals to prove the they work.

The workshop is open most times the Range operates and unless visiting the Range to shoot we ask that visits are by appointment only. Just give us a call.
The Ranges are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 until 17:00 and on Sundays from 10:00 until 12:30. For small-bore and pistol calibre carbines, as well as air guns, there is range space for a test before you buy session.

Please Note:

To comply with UK laws our AR15 style rifles are manufactured from new as single-shot straight-pull (bolt-action) rifles and will need to be re-cocked/reloaded by hand for each shot, with the exception of the .22LR versions which are semi-auto. They are not self-loading 'gas-guns'. As such these rifles will fall under Section 1 of the Firearms Act and will need an authorisation to acquire on the relevant Firearms Certificate (FAC). They cannot be made to self load without considerable alteration and conversion.

Technically we cannot call these rifles AR15's as that is a trade mark name, so if you see 'AR' or 'AR15' mentioned on this site then it is more than likely that we are refering to the UK legal AR-clones or our own manufactured TAR brand of rifles.


If you have any requirements for parts and accessories for your UK legal AR-clone, please call us and we'll be pleased to help.


A new 25yd small-bore and GRCF range, and 10m Indoor and 50m Outdoor Air gun ranges. Available for individual and group use.

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Our Partner Company, Skill At Arms Ltd, offer a selection of Themed Shooting Experiences and introductory sessions.

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