Welcome to the home of the AR15 in the UK.

We at AR15.co.uk have many years of combined experience shooting and building the AR15 type of rifle in nearly ALL its configurations. Whatever your needs we should be able to offer an opinion based on personal experience with the specification you want or problem you have.

New Lower Receiver

When the new workshop was completed we started on getting a home-grown lower receiver into production.
It started out as a 'what if' project as supplies from the States were becomming difficult to get hold of and that 'what if' turned into a 'why not'.
It has taken the best part of a year to get the finished product ready to a standard that we're happy with.
I'm sure you'll like it too.
Here is the first one 'hot off the machine' ready for blasting and annodising.

This site is also dedicated to sourcing and supplying accessories and add-ons for your black rifle. Treated properly, your AR-clone will give years of dedicated service, and with the correct gadget it will be able to perform to your most demanding requests for accuracy, range, speed and ease of operation. Whether you shoot CSR, Practical Rifle, Highpower Rifle, a lower round count discipline, or just wish to annoy the pests and vermin, there is always something that will make your mouse gun that much more useable.


  1. To comply with UK laws these rifles are manufactured from new as single-shot straight-pull (bolt-action) rifles and will need to be re-cocked/reloaded by hand for each shot, they are not self-loading 'gas-guns'. As such these rifles will fall under Section 1 of the Firearms Act and will need an authorisation to acquire on the relevant Firearms Certificate (FAC). They cannot be made to self load without considerable alteration and conversion.
  2. Technically we cannot call these rifles AR15's as that is a trade mark name, so if you see 'AR' or 'AR15' mentioned on this site then it is more than likely that we are refering to the UK legal AR-clones or our own manufactured TAR rifles.

If you have any requirements for parts and accessories for your UK legal AR-clone, please call us on 07931 382 324 and we'll be pleased to help.

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