August 2014 - Receivers on the production line
After the first cut the receivers are almost finished on one side and the front, the other side gets completed on the second cut. This is when the rear mounting block is removed and the back of the receiver is completed.
Receivers after the first cut operation awaiting the second cut

March 2014 - Our own home-grown lower receivers are now ready.
A few people have been aware that for the last year we have been developing and coding our own lowers for the UK market. With restrictions on getting such items out of the States and the high cost from Europe we decided to bite the bullet and make our own.
These receivers are CNC machined from a solid aircraft grade aluminium billet and follow the original design drawings as far as was practical. We now have the prototypes completed and all the bugs ironed out. They function superbly. There were just a few minor cosmetic changes to the finish for the production model and they are now being made.
Prototype Lower 'in the white'Carbine rifle in testing
CarbineA2 style
  • These receivers are machined from a single billet of 7075 aluminium.
  • The design is a faithful reproduction of the forged lower in nearly all respects.
  • The magazine well is also machined to tight tolerences and will allow all the magazines we've tried to fall freely when released.
    Not having to EDM or broach the mag well has allowed us to reduce unit costs considerably. It has been the biggest headache but we've come up with a way to machine the 'well and keep it within the original spec.
  • The trigger guard is machined as an integral to the receiver
  • The FIRE and SAFE indications on both sides

March 2013 - 3-phase finally plumbed in. We're good to go.

September 2012 - the new workshop and armoury is now complete. This has been a trying time and many tempers were lost on the way. However, we now have a nice new workshop with most of the machinery installed and commissioned, it's just the 3-phase stuff to go.
We are now located at Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire, near the Harlow M11 junction, with a test range just round the corner.

We have received a shipment of 30 round magazines of several makes, RG, H+K, Colt, Charter Industries, SDI, both new (some RG in original sealed packaging) and used.
If you want steel or aluminium mags we have plenty here