Rebarrelling Service
If your barrel is 'shot out' or you wish to shoot bullets heavier than your current barrel will stabilise then you will need a new barrel. Generally, the heavier the bullet you wish to shoot then the tighter the twist you require. A 1:9" barrel will stabilise most bullets up to about 75-77 grains but you will need a 1:8" or faster to stabilise the 80 grain Sierra or JLK bullets. We can supply and fit barrels to your requirements either a fast twist stainless barrel or the standard looking Chrome Moly, in the standard HBar or custom profile. Chrome-moly barrels are finished with a black phosphate coating.

A common misconception is that heavier barrels shoot better. A barrel doesn't know how heavy it is! A heavy barrel can help reduce felt recoil but is this of prime importance with a .223? A heavy barrel will make a difference, however, when you have to pick it up and run when shooting the fire-with-movement stages in service rifle or practical rifle competitions. We can re-profile those 'bull-barrels' to a more convienient HBar or other light profile.

A2 round Foresight modification
We can offer a modification service to the standard A2 (square) foresight. With the square foresight you can only adjust the sight in half turns and if the top is sloped you can only use full turns. This means you have adjustment of either 2.5 or 5 MOA. With our modification we square the end, make the post round and down to .050" (or slightly less if required). This will give a better sight picture and with the round cross-section will allow 1.25 MOA adjustments.
This modification can done on your sight post (turn-round usually in less than a week) or supplied as an extra post. Please contact us for further details.

Charging handle modification
One of the best upgrades you can make to a UK-legal AR15 is to adapt the charging handle. For those that bought the standard A2 or flat-top receiver and prefer the 'classic' look then a few mods to this essential part are a must. For left handed shooters (or weak-shoulder for the right-handers) then a TacLatch will increase the 'grab area' allowing for a smooth reload without having to fumble for the catch. For right-handed operation we add a knob to make the handle easier to pick up and by pinning (or removing) the latch operation of the charging handle is quicker without the need to unlock it.
Guide price - to supply knob to customer's handle from 25.00, to supply new charging handle with knob from 40.00.

NOTE:- If you wish us to do any work which involves us mailing your rifle back or requires us to supply 'controlled' parts, then we can only mail the items to a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) who will hand them over and may charge for the service, and we will probably need to see the Authority to Possess (FAC, RFD, etc.). If you wish us to supply a barrel rather than replace one on a rifle, then we will need to see the relevant Firearms Certificate with the appropriate 'free slot' or the request will have to come from a dealer. Again transactions will have to be 'face-to-face' or via an RFD as above. This also includes all firearms sales.
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