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Clearance Sale

Some items that were found when unpacking after the move and we're offering tham all at discounted prices. Limited stock on some items so first come first served. Postage and packing at cost and is not included in the prices shown.

We have a selection of new and used magazines available for the AR15 style rifles (both 223/5.56 and 22LR) and for the 10/22. Also there are a few magazines for Enfields (No1 and No4), Bren Gun and M14.
Call for availability and prices.

The standard Scopecoat™ is constructed of the highest quality 2mm Neoprene laminated with Nylon. The simple design safeguards any kind of scope from dings and scratches, dust, dirt, and moisture. The Neoprene has a 5% moisture absorbency which takes moisture (condensation and sweating) away from the scope and helps protect it from rust & corrosion. The nylon shields against the elements.
Scopecoat - 10.00 each

Sizes and styles available (Scopecoats will stretch up to 1.5" over the stated length)
2mm Neoprene (10.00 each)
  • SC Small camo (8.5"x20mm) - only 2 left
  • SC Small black (8.5"x20mm) - only 3 left
  • SC Medium camo (10.5"x30mm) - only 3 left
XP-6 Flak Jacket
6mm Neoprene (15.00 each)
  • XP6 1452 black (14"x52mm)
  • XP6 Large 50 black (12.5"x50mm

Magazine Dust Covers

Clear, flexible rubber cover that fits on the top of the magazine. Keeps out dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can seriously ruin your day by causing feeding failures. Not only do these covers protect the feed lips but they help keep the top round in the magazine from getting dents.
1.50 each or 4 for 5.00

Right-click and 'view image' to see sizes
Butler Creek Flip-Up scope lens covers

Various sizes in stock, all 5.00 each. All have black flip ups unless stated and we only have the sizes listed below left.
  • #11 EYE
  • #13 EYE
  • #17 EYE
  • #19 OBJ
  • #26 OBJ - SOLD
  • #39 OBJ
  • #40 OBJ
  • #40 OBJ - see thru
  • #43 OBJ - see thru
  • #51 OBJ

Reloading, case care, cleaning equipment and accessories

  • LEE case length guage and holder - 223REM
  • LEE case length guage .357
  • LEE case length guage .270
  • LEE #4 (.223/5.56, 300Whisper etc) auto-prime shell holder
  • LEE #5 (.303) auto-prime shell holder
  • LEE .223 factory crimp
  • LEE .243 factory crimp
  • HOPPES 20ga bronze brush
  • HOPPES 20ga mops
  • KLEENBORE cotton bore mop .22-.270 (5.5-7mm)
  • 30CARBINE 3 die set
  • .45ACP case guage


M16/AR15 Stowaway Grip Plug

A convenient little rubber plug that fits into the A2-style pistol grip allowing the space to be used as storage for small repair parts or cleaning kit, etc. Also seals the grip to keep out dirt and moisture thus preventing possible corrosion.
4.00 each

M16/AR15 cleaning brush

Developed for the U.S. Armed Forces to clean M16/M4 these handy brushes are suitable for all those little cleaning jobs. Double-ended and solvent-proof we've used these brushes with Hoppes bore cleaners, KleenBore and MPro-7 products without problems. With a large 'toothbrush' at one end and a single row of stiff ristles at the other there are few places that dirt and grime can hide on your firearms or even on your reloading equipment and will not mar delicate metal finishes.
2.50 each

RitePul grip extender/adaptor

Moves the pistol grip back and down so the tip of your finger is on the trigger allowing precise control of the trigger pull. This black spacer fits between the lower receiver and the pistol grip moving it approx 3/4" (18mm) without any permanent modifications to the rifle.
Comes with all necessary fittings and an Allen wrench.
20 each

Sorry, we have no more Thermold loaders left but we have a few MagLula loaders. Please email for details.
We still have a stock of the older metal style 10 round strips and a few of the 'spoons' (the accessory to attach the strips to the magazines for loading).

Green Magazine Followers

Replaces worn out or older GI followers. Made from glass reinforced plastic these followers are easy to fit in 30 round GI magazines making and are designed to promote self-levelling.
1.50 each or 5 for 5.

BFA (Blank Firing Attachment)

British Army SA80 Blank Firing Attachment. We have several of these, a few still new in the wrapper, the rest are in various excellent but used condition (some flaking of the paint and/or scorch marks) but all still complete with no mechanical damage.
20.00 each.
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